HAKU curated by Hideaki Matsuo – new fancy restaurants review, foodie around the world Hong Kong edition

Opened in 2017 and I only visited the place recently on a random Sunday night. It is located in harbour city Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, the spot is a bit difficult to find as it sits right on the corner of basement level. I learned a few facts while chatting with the su chef and waiters during dining: 1) executive chef Agustin is from Argentina and has restaurant experience working in Tokyo (he was not there that evening when I dined there) 2) the owner is by the full name of the restaurant, owns the Osaka based Michelin starred Kashiwaya, however, he himself only comes in a couple of times a year to while visiting Hong Kong; 3) the concept of the food is a fusion of Japanese and latam American

You may also find more introduction of the restaurant on its website, which displays very nice photographs of the cuisine they offer 😉

I’m not going over the detailed ingredients and name of the dish, as you can find various review online and they do change the menu occasionally. what’s more important is to share the experience with you and give you an idea on how I feel about dining at the restaurant. At the end of the blog, I will give a final verdict on the overall experience, so stay tuned 🙂

They do change the menu from time to time, however, for dinner options is a set menu for all guests. I did not take photos of the dessert as they are mainly sorbet based and I wanted to enjoy the food and company after all 🙂 all photos taken by my iPhone x


They have two types of sitting, one is the sushi counter style I’m showing you here, the other is the conventional table like a western restaurants, I’d say the decor and interior design is more of a Japanese style. The sushi counter tables are generally preferred seating as you can watch how the chef prepares your food while waiting.


They don’t give you a typed menu with names of the dish, rather you are offered with a map citing the origins of ingredients they will be using preparing the food (my friend helped me hold the menu while I took this photo 😉 )


Amuse bouche – four types in total, my personal favourite is the soup


First appetizer – sauce nicely done, feels like a capacio to me, as you can see from the photo, the fish is not cut into an ultra thin slice, so you can still feel some texture out of it


Second appetizer – uni on brioche.  Being a lover for both uni/sea urchin and brioche, i’d say this combo was not bad, unlike some restaurants that would excessivly take advantage of how a uni can do to a plain dish as a luxury ingrients, this brioche tastes good with some butternut squash puree layed between. I think the presentation is a bit overdone with the wood cage on the outer rim… does not look very ritual and certainly not translating into something pleasant, personal  prefernece haha


Third appetizer – tuna and caviar. You are supposed to enjoy it with the thin-sliced cracker they offered, another capacio-ish dish, spanish inspired fusion for sure. First of all, I am a fan of both tuna and caviar, however, this dish somehow feels overly salty and I’m not sure about how they cured the tuna in advance… just too salty and i’d rather enjoy the caviar on its own. This is one of the signaure dishes of the restaurants as you can find it in the photo gallery on its website.


First main course – fish with vegetable…  don’t have a particular feeling about it.. i’d say its a good transition into the main dish

Second main course – duck… they offered for guests to take photos, which is the one on the left, then they would plate it into the one on the right. Well well… i think the sauce is not bad, but being a picky eater, i don’t think the duck is that good although the meat is not rough. Not in a position to complain however, as we all know it is not the type of meat that is easy to master after all.


Last main dish – my personal favourite, hokkaido king crab with koshihikari rice. It is definitely a argentina style dish using japanese ingredients. The texture of the rice is like a slow pot cooked porrige, pleasantly spicy and you can still taste of the texture of king crab. Very hearty dish for winter in Hong Kong ❤

Although i did not take photos of the dessert, i do like them all (3 in total), very refreshing and nicely done, mainly sorbet based excpet for the last one which is a cotton candy.

As for the beverage choice, we went for a glass of white and red wine each, not over priced, originats from french wine producer.

Here is the final scorecard 

On a total of 10, i’d give it a 7 out of 10, given a picky eater, i think it is good value for what we pay for (Hong Kong standard of course!), the service is excellent, very friendly and chatty if you have any requests or questions regarding the dishes, big thumbs up for this! I do think it’s worth a try if you are up for venturing into new restaurant. Will i go back? hmmmmm maybe not for while until they change the menu 😉

Have a good evening and enjoy your dinner!

– M

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