Serum and masks I’m using lately

It’s been a minute since my last post, definitely need some catch-up 😉

During winter months, my skin becomes very sensitive, with the dry hours on the plane and climate change, my cheeks have got some red flare… so I had to give my anti-aging and whitening products a rest.


Skin Inc products – this is my first time trying out this brand, I found it at a Sephora while I was travelling. After some research online, I found this brand was founded by a lady from Singapore, and the products themselves are made in Korea (interesting 🙂 ) My skin was having a major allergy/eczema moment a few days after my arrival on a tropical environment, I couldn’t use any of the products I was bringing with me and so I found this… I really like this combination, 1) the calm&detox mask comes in two separate pieces to cover upper and lower part of your face, instead of a paper mask texture, it comes in a jelly-like texture and feels very gentle and comfortable on the skin… it relieves my irritated skin instantly and I do feel there is a slight brightening effect right after I peel it off. 🙂   2) the second product I am using is this 10ml bottle of water gel serum, they come in different types to target different needs. The one I’m using is the liquorice serum – calm sensitive and irritated skin as described on its packing… I find it super fast absorbing, very gentle, will report back after I finish this bottle 🙂


REN – believe it or not, this is my first time trying out this brand, as it has been talked about so much on youtube and other social media, the ones I’m using are the EVERCALM series. I find the ultra comforting rescue mask very gentle and hydrating after a 10-min pampering, it is not a mud texture, more of a cream texture with minimal scent. You only need a small amount and and comes with a pump so easy to travel with and not messy as you apply it onto your face. For the anti-redness serum, do find it quite hydrating and non-irritating, other than that, no particular feeling yet, will report back later 🙂

Hope you like this updated skin care review, have a good weekend ❤ ❤

– M

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