winter nights skincare routine

I have been a dedicated learner of skincare and all beauty related knowledge since was a little girl.  The first bottle my mom bought me was a green-package garnier moisturiser, I used it religiously all through the high school and the first few years of college. I feel very grateful to be able to try out the variety of skincare and beauty products through the years during my adult life, so I decided to share some of my experience with you all 🙂

Right after shower

  • the first thing I would do is to splash rose water all over my face, followed by a gentle pat with my fingers. Rosewater is something I would use all year around, it is good for sensitive skin as well, especially in winter. I got this deluxe edition Jurlique rosewater balancing mist intense when on a flight back from Japan, the packaging is in particular lovely and 200ml lasts a long time.


Other steps 

  • It is very important to do a second cleanse with toner, especially if you are living in big cities, I do my second cleanse with a toner-damped cotton pad. The SK-II facial treatment essence has been a constant element in my skincare system for the past 3 years, you could use it in multiple ways, and recently this have been my toner for second cleanse.


  • During winter months, my skin tends to become dry very fast, so I would layer with another serum fusioned toner essence, followed by a gentle pat with my fingers


  • My final step for serum varies, most of the days, I would use a serum with repair function at night, they perform best during a good night of sleep
  • Eye serum and cream is essential in my skincare routine. I swear by the la prairie skin caviar line, they cover all elements of skin aging problems, I can feel a difference every time I try to venture into other eye area products.


  • To seal all the serum, I would use a thick cream on my face and neck.


  • Of course, if you have time for a 15-20min face mask before applying all other serum and cream, it is best to do it at least 2-3 times a week if not everyday. Here are a few of my recent favourites (face mask and eye mask, from left to right, mediheal N.M.F mask, Biotherm revitalizing micro-infused tissue mask, SHISEIDO wrinklelift mask)

However, no products will definitely put aging to a pause, the most effective routine is a good beauty sleep, healthy diet and drink lots of water! Buenas noches! 晚安😴

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